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Noxious & Invasive Weed Control
No Job too Big or small! From 0.25  to 1,000,000 acres we have a customized solution for your needs!
We provide an innovative,safe and environmentally responsible approach to weed control.  We are continually updating our equipment to provide the highest quality chemical application for our customers in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, & South Dakota.
Range & Pasture: Eliminating weed competition from your pasture is the best way to increase your grasses by up to 50%

Pipeline Right of Way: Our experience, safety practices and specialized equipment make for the perfect package to manage weeds on your right of way. Every employee is Drug & Alcohol tested as part of our extensive HS&E program.

Forest: Efficiently treating noxious weeds, while working to minimize any noticeable impact to public land. Wright Company's motorized Argo spray units and horsepack units are a perfect combination for controlling weeds on public land.

Sub-Divisions: Let us help you keep your property free of noxious weeds! Ask about our guaranteed program!

Property Improvement
Russian Olive Removal and Management: We can cut down & pile your Russian Olive stands and follow up with a herbicide application to keep this invasive tree from rapid regrowth.

Junk Cleanup & Removal: If you have property that needs cleaned up we have the equipment to handle your cleanup needs.

Invasive Tree Control: Salt Cedar and Russian Olive control options available. Take back your waterway by ridding it of these water using invasive plants.

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Aquatic Weed Control
If your pond is overgrown with aquatic invasive plants, we can help you out. An unhealthy pond is an ugly sight. We can bring back the the aesthetic value of your pond or water feature. We will tailor a program to fit your needs using the proper chemicals and timing to eradicate aquatic weeds from your aquatic setting. If you are having problems getting enough water down your canal due to aquatic growth, we can help. We will work with local agencies to obtain the necessary permitting for your aquatic weed control situation. 
Ponds: Yearly Pond Maintenance Program to maintain a pond free of submersed aquatic weeds & algae.

Canals: In Season & Pre Season Programs to maintain a canal system that is free of weeds enabling worry free water delivery.

Cattail Control: We have a program that can keep cattails from growing in your aquatic environment.
Bareground/Sterilant Weed Control
Our bareground/sterilant program will reduce the risk of fire and slip/trip incidents due to unwanted weeds on your site.
Tank Farms, Valve Sites, Compressor Stations, Pump Stations, Well Sites, Equipment Yards, Lots and any site that needs to remain weed free for the entire year.
Give us a call to discuss our spring bareground program!
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