Lyle Wright Owner Wright Company Weed Control
Luke Wright Manager Wright Company Weed Control
Operations Manager
Luke Wright had worked for Wright Company since 1998 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing from Montana State University Billings, and an Associate of Science degree in Agriculture Business from Northwest College of Powell, Wyoming.
Lyle Wright started Wright Company in 1988 and strives to maintain consistent quality in all of the services they  provide. Lyle continues to be a pioneer in his field by building new application equipment or raising awareness of the detrimental effects of noxious weeds in his area.
How Wright Company MT, Inc. got its start.
Wright Company was founded in 1988 by Lyle Wright, who had been partners with his dad in a family owned farming operation between Roberts and Red Lodge. Growing up around agriculture, Lyle saw a need for a commercial weed control applicator in Carbon County, Montana. Lyle realized the opportunity existed due to the fact that the county he lived in was struggling with the detrimental effects of noxious weeds. Consequently, counties throughout Montana were beginning to take action.
He started his weed control business with limited capital and a 1969 Ford 4x4 truck with a bed mounted sprayer. He started by operating out of a shed on the family farm and today Wright Company owns a commercial shop location along highway 212. Lyle has built key relationships with chemical distributors and industry experts and has adapted his equipment to the terrain he operates in.

In 2004, Wright Company started an aquatic division of weed control. Since 2004, Wright Company continues to ponds and canals for aquatic invasive weeds & algae, as well as growing a statewide customer base. 

Wright Company has become a sustaining company, a majority of the jobs that are completed every year are return customers. They use the most advanced and customized equipment in the industry, using highly efficient application methods and apply the most effective herbicides available.

A new addition for 2010 was the addition the Montana Argo dealership. Providing sales, rental, service, parts and accessories for the Argo line of amphibious UTV's. The dealership came to be at the time Wright Company was intensively searching for a safe, efficient and reliable, extreme terrain capable spray unit. We test drove many UTV side by sides and other units and found none that met our needs. Eventually  we came across an Argo Centaur for our new spray unit, the addition of a Centaur immediately increased the efficiency of our spraying operation in the first season of use. It is our belief in these extremely capable machines that led us to open an Argo/Centaur dealership.

Additionally, Wright Company specializes in custom grass seeding for small acreage's, Russian Olive Removal and offer property clean up services. Wright Company provides a practical & responsible approach to weed control and increase the value and productivity of the land by eradicating noxious weeds as well as other problem weed species.

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